About Barry Dunbar


BFIIT, LLC: Pioneering Quality Fitness Training

The guiding purpose of BFIIT, LLC is to offer professional, safe, and inspirational boxing training within a congenial, hygienic, and energetic environment. This thrilling atmosphere is designed to make fitness enjoyable for everyone within our facility, thereby empowering them to achieve their fitness aspirations.

Barry Dunbar: From Army Engineer to Boxing Prodigy

In 2009, while serving in the Army at Fort Hood, Texas, Barry Dunbar embarked on his boxing and competitive journey. Initially an Army Engineer, Barry decided to partake in a base-wide tournament representing his unit. Among 300 contenders, Barry skillfully navigated his way into the final eight in his debut tournament. Recognizing his talent, his coaches proposed that Barry join the All-Army Boxing Team. However, an unfortunate accident during an Army physical fitness test resulted in a broken ankle. This incident set off a chain of subsequent injuries originating from that ankle mishap.

The Road to Resilience and Recovery

In 2012, despite his injuries, Barry partook in the 2nd Post-wide tournament but faced defeat in his first match. He was then deployed with his unit to Afghanistan until 2013. Two years later, Barry medically retired from the Army after being diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (CMT), a rare disorder affecting limb functions. In Barry’s case, CMT affected both his feet and ankles, rendering them unusable. Fortunately, Barry was enrolled in the Army’s Return to Run Program, a special initiative for transitioning soldiers.

Triumph Over Challenges

Barry was sent to the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas, where he received IDEO leg braces, improving his mobility. Although he could not return to active duty, he exited the Army in 2015. Barry found himself drawn back to boxing just six months later as part of his rehabilitation process. Fast-forward a year, and Barry transitioned into coaching in 2016. He served as the head trainer for Title Boxing Club in Killeen, Texas, assuming responsibilities for payroll staffing and scheduling for other trainers.

BFIIT, LLC: A Unique Fitness Approach

Barry Dunbar founded BFIIT, LLC to introduce a refreshing alternative to conventional weightlifting, running, and traditional exercises laden with heavy weights. Our approach ensures individuals can engage in high-calorie-burning workouts without the burden of heavy weights. Patrons also have the opportunity to master traditional boxing techniques without the risk associated with physical contact inherent in typical boxing gyms.
Through personalized training and group classes, they can refine their skills while exploring the diverse offerings of BFIIT. Even for those not keen on boxing, our high-intensity interval training is a viable and engaging option.