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The Fitness Champions of BFIIT

Welcome aboard the BFIIT voyage, where each member contributes to our shared fitness mission. Our dedicated trainers, with their diverse expertise and vibrant passion, stand ready to guide your transformative fitness adventure.
Meet John, a seasoned boxing instructor with an infectious zeal for the sport. He’s here to help you master boxing fundamentals while shaping you into your fittest self.
Anna is our dynamic force in High-Intensity Interval Training. Her high-octane HIIT classes are perfect for those who love a challenge and are eager to boost their fitness goals.
Richard, our BoxFit expert, skillfully combines advanced boxing with intensive strength workouts. His rich fitness experience will level-up your training routine.
Meet Emily, the architect of customized training plans, designed to meet your individual fitness goals. Her empathetic approach ensures you feel empowered on your fitness journey.
Max is the heart of our vibrant group classes, creating an atmosphere of energy, unity, and collective success. Under Max’s guidance, everyone is a winner!
Linda helms our BFIIT Kickstart program, guiding beginners to gain confidence and a solid footing in boxing and HIIT workouts.
Our trainers are more than fitness experts. They’re your allies, guiding your transformation. Experience their unwavering dedication and start your exhilarating BFIIT fitness journey today!